How Word Choices Affect Mood

Blackboard with words what you write here changes lives

Within your articles, books and websites, to help provide contrast and flow to a document, you can use different words that have the same or similar meaning. Sometimes, if you're seeking a specific desired impact, even your choice of a single word can become really important.

Consider the following tips and guidelines:

  • Taking the time to carefully craft phrases can mean the difference between huge success or mediocre results, especially when writing sales copy for your website or sales letter. By paying attention to the details, you really can make a huge difference to what you produce.
  • Avoid choosing a specific word purely in an attempt to impress or dazzle. Such an approach rarely works and readers often have an uncanny ability to see through such vacuous tactics - with the possible result that any previous credibility or attention that may have been gained can be lost in an instant. Sometimes, the margin between entertaining and excessive can be small. Try to develop acute judgment of what your readers, listeners, viewers, or visitors want to experience. 
  • Never forget or underestimate the power of a single word or catchy phrase.
  • Sometimes, you don't need an entire sentence to say your piece. Occasionally, your complete meaning can be contained within a few connected letters. In those circumstances, what greater impact can you have?
  • Make sure the word you choose is a good fit for the end result you want.


  • Practice.
  • Read lots of other documents that cover the same areas that interest you, especially, those documents that have shown themselves to be successful and profitable for their providers.
  • Read books, articles, blog entries, social media posts, and so on, that are outside of your areas of interest, perhaps on topics that you wouldn't normally have any desire to explore. Why: to stretch your mind; stay open to different ideas and styles of communicating.
  • Develop a love, fascination for, and interest in words and phrases and what they mean. Collect beautiful words and striking sentences like some other people collect stamps, or coins, or art, or antiques, and so on. These are your inspirational raw materials, to draw upon, rebuild, remix, and match into new patterns of communications.
  • Keep practicing.

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