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Show, Don't Tell. But Why?

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Especially when writing fiction or crafting interesting and engaging marketing copy, if you want to keep your readers "hooked", don't tell them everything that happens. Here's why. For novels and short stories especially, seek out ways to drip-feed your readers with carefully chosen clues throughout your "story", at a meaningful…

Are You a 37-Percenter?

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Don't we just love statistics? Results of one recent study suggests that 37% of the UK population "felt they had a book in them." I don't mind admitting, I was somewhat shocked when I read that little gem! Now apply similar arguments to other countries around the world and the…

A Profitable Website Business

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Just why did we decide to establish After being asked that question many times, we identified seven key reasons. Compare the drivers below to determine whether these can apply to you too: ... all have a civilizing effect on your outlook! By choosing to become an Member, perhaps…