Adjacent Paragraph Tips

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In other articles, tips and techniques, we've explored various methods that relate to writing style, word choices, sequencing, sentence structures and publication design.

This tip provides a wonderfully simple and brief technique that can help ensure the adjacent paragraphs that make up your document "read well". So what exactly do I mean by that?


  • Ensure that your adjacent paragraphs don't start with the same word. Essentially, that's all there is to this tip!

So why bother to ensure that the previous paragraph and following paragraph, to the current paragraph, all start with different words?

  • If the paragraph before or after your current paragraph starts with the same word, in most instances, your writing can appear weak, amateurish, boring. 
  • We the people, on this beautiful mote of dust called Earth, love contrast. You can use our love of difference, color, tone, range, span.
  • We are reminded of the saying: "Variety is the spice of life". By varying our paragraph start words, we can apply that relationship to our writing projects.
  • Different start words constantly stimulate our brains in new ways, so can also help keep attention better.
  • The right new paragraph word can set the scene for what follows.
  • Even though this tip is short and simple, doesn't mean it's any less important or less powerful or less needed. Using different start words usually helps build high quality writing.
  • Applying this quick technique can convert an otherwise lacklustre publication into one that is more interesting, meaningful, and memorable.

So to further help keep your reader or listener engaged, unless you're seeking to create a particular repeating effect, for a special reason, always start each paragraph with a new "sound".

Also, different start words help you build in counterpoint to your sequence and create diversity and richness in your communications with others.

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