10 Broadband Speed-Up Tips

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Here's how you can boost your Internet connection speed simply by making a few basic, low-cost or no-cost changes:

Wireless Broadband Speed Booster Tip 1: Switch Off Your PC and Broadband Router, Wait 1 Minute, Then Switch Both Back on Again

  • If your broadband speed seems to have slowed recently, remember, electronic devices can over time simply become what can perhaps best be described as "muddled".
  • Sometimes, the simplest solution can fix apparently complex problems. By switching off your PC and your broadband router box, waiting about a minute, and then switching on again, you can reset all of the microprocessors they contain to the same starting point. That action in itself can sometimes boost your broadband speed back to previous levels.

Wireless Broadband Speed Booster Tip 2: Put your Wireless Router in The Same Room as Your PC, Or Use Proven Reliable Wi-Fi Extenders

Here's why: even though electronic signals flowing between your wireless router box and your PC can travel through walls and ceilings, move your PC to the same room as your wireless router to provide the strongest signal.

Each wall or ceiling is a barrier that can reduce the strength of the wireless signal between your router and your PC. If you have several walls or ceilings between your router and your PC, each barrier can progressively reduce the strength of the link between the two.

Alternatively, wi-fi extenders can be used to connect and sometimes even boost the your internet connection signals between different rooms of your home or office, without the need for installing direct cabling.

Wireless Broadband Speed Booster Tip 3: Place Your Wireless Router Near to Your PC

Imagine for a moment that both your wireless router and PC have fully functioning eyes: if they can "see" each other, and the only barrier barrier between them is a little air space, then you can help maximize your broadband speed.

Wireless Broadband Speed Booster Tip 4: Make Sure Your Wireless Router Aerial is Positioned Vertically

The link between your PC and wireless router box can be likened to a metal chain: you can break or affect the link in a variety of different ways. A number of factors can affect the strength of the link. Even something as simple as your router box aerial being angled or not vertical can reduce or even prevent the link between PC and router.

Wireless Broadband Speed Booster Tip 5: Make Sure the Phone Cable That Connects Your Broadband Router Box to Your Phone Socket is as Short as Possible

If you're using a "spare" longer phone lead that is really designed for use as a phone extension lead, replace it with a standard short lead — ideally, the same type that would have come with your router.

Wireless Broadband Speed Booster Tip 6: Use the Correct Microfilters

Microfilters can help clean up phone line interference. If your broadband installation comes with microfilter connectors designed to be used between your phone socket and the phone lead that connects to your router box, make sure you're using a microfilter for each connection. Also, make sure you're using the correct type of microfilter: check with your provider if not sure.

Wireless Broadband Speed Booster Tip 7: If Any Wires Are draped Over or Near Your Wireless Router Box, Move Those Wires Away

Wires that carry electrical currents and electronic signals can create electrical field interference when placed close to other electronic devices. Any additional interference can affect wireless connection speeds. Therefore, if your printer, scanner or PC mains cable or other connecting cables are situated too close to, or touching your wireless router box, try rerouting or re-positioning your leads and cables away from your wireless broadband router box.

Wireless Broadband Speed Booster Tip 8: Keep Your Broadband Internet Connection Private

If you don't secure your own connection, others situated close to your location could also be using your wi-fi broadband connection to access the Internet. Usually, that means, your own Internet connection speed can decrease since more devices are using the same resource and the speed capability has to be shared across multiple items.

How to fix: make sure your broadband connection uses a password that is unique to your installation. See your broadband router documentation. Two common security systems include:

  • WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy): though not recommended, WEP standard security is still used by some computers and wireless routers, and ...
  • WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access): strong security — the preferred option. The more recent, WPA-2 provides even stronger, better protection.

Key tip: I suggest avoid using WEP security. Why: today, you simply need a stronger degree of security. If you're already using WEP, is possible, upgrade to using WPA.

The best password connections uses WPA or a WPA variant. Whichever network security option you choose, do remember that all devices that are connected to your network: PCs, printers, scanners, etc. — must be able to use the same security system: WEP or WPA.

That means, if you want to use the stronger level of security provided by WPA, but your existing printer only supports WEP, then you would either have to use WEP or change your printer to one that supports WPA.

Wireless Broadband Speed Booster Tip 9: Ensure that Only the Minimum Number of Software Programs You Have Running Access the Internet at the Same Time

Re-examine how many different programs you have that may be accessing the web at the same time. Imagine a scenario where you have an Internet Explorer web browser open with over 6 tabs active on 6 different websites, plus Microsoft Outlook email program open, plus Microsoft Word documents running in the background, and so on.

Every addition means your PC must work harder to maintain the same level of response using up your PC's memory and processing power — both of which are also required by your web browser.

Sometimes, your broadband speed may not appear to be affected, however, since your PC may have to work harder, it's response can slow down, which can essentially lead to the same symptom of slow broadband Internet connection speed. Therefore ideally, keep to one open web browser, with 5 or fewer active tabs and one email program at a time.

Wireless Broadband Speed Booster Tip 10: Download Large Files When the Web is "Quieter"

Video and music files can be large and downloading large files puts the most stress on any Internet connection speed. The more people that may be using the web or the same Internet resource that you're also using, means that the same resources must be shared among more people.

You can improve download speed and response by choosing to download large files later in the evening, earlier in the morning, or even overnight. Certainly avoid peak times like 8am — 10am mornings, and 4pm — 6pm in the evenings.

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