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The world is changing! A simple statement that is both obvious, yet at the same time is undeniably true with deeper implications for people with websites! Online especially, the web changes much faster than the world at large. In this article, we explore 3 ways to make the web work…

Web Page Creation Tips 1 of 5

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Tip 01 to Tip 10 In Our Series Of Web Page Creation Tips, Techniques, And Short-Cuts To Help You Create Top Performing Web Pages That Consider People, Search Engines, And The Mobile Web, Especially Useful When You Have A Joomla-Powered WebsiteTip 01: Use Responsive Web DesignsWhenever possible, choose or upgrade…

How to Combat Spim

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Spim is spam delivered to instant messages. If you use Instant Messaging (IM) software programs like Microsoft Instant Messenger, Yahoo Instant Messenger or even Skype, if you don't take some simple precautions, you can start receiving Spim. Some IM providers are now starting to explore ways to reduce Spim, however,…