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Yes, it's true! Even with the still lingering blues and whispers of economic doom and gloom, today there's never been a better time to build a genuine, profitable information-based Internet business, or an additional income stream, if you plan your course carefully, take action and go about your business in the right way. Don't believe me? That's fair enough but please listen up.

You won't regret the extra effort you take in reading this article. So if all the expert resources of a can't make an operation work, then surely no one can, right? Wrong — big time! Here's why.

You've most likely heard all about the misery of a few years ago. Also, perhaps economies around the world seem to be coming to the end of a growth period. So you may be thinking now is not a good time to be running an online business or thinking of setting one up. However, the truth is, there may never be a better time.

Key point: a carefully run online business can be profitable both when the economy is "up" and when the there's a business downturn. Why? Both create opportunities that come with built-in urgency. Plus, online offers many advantages that are simply not available to traditional businesses — one reason why we see many conventional businesses moving  processes and systems online.

While many wasteful dot.coms lost massive amounts of money faster than your worst politician says 'I promise...', amid all this hoopla, a small band — let's call them "the 3-percenters" — have been quietly getting on with business, growing — yes, that's correct: GROWING their online businesses!

So How Do our 3-percenters Create Spectacular Business?

If you're starting out, you'll need the components our 3-percenters have, including:

  • A hungry, proven crowd of potential buyers. If people are already spending money on the kinds of products and services that you're going to offer, then you know there's a market. Don't worry about competition — at this stage, competition is a good, healthy business indicator.
  • A twist on an existing product or service, or an entirely new big idea. Essentially a Unique Service Proposition (USP) Why? if other businesses are already profitable in the area that you want to serve, then that too is another good omen. By all means, imitate what already works but do create your own individual version, type or style that no-one else is doing.
  • A practical development and implementation action plan to match your proposition.
  • Of course an e-commerce website, however I suggest that in today's Web 2.0+ climate, you'll need more than just a smart website. Why? Not surprisingly, your website is central to your web business. Through your site, you'll need to serve two masters: (1) your potential buyers and your established customers, and (2) search engines. That's why the code that drives your site and the particular web design you choose should be opmtimized to serve both key groups. "Cracking the Web 2.0 code" can be challenging, but after months of specific research and testing in this area especially, here at, we're jumping up and down. Why? We convinced we have at last created a fantastic "Web 2.0 profit recipe."
  • The best words that "talk" the right language to your target customers. That's another reason why we focus a significant amount of training resources on the nuts and bolts of writing and communicating on the web here at
  • Attractive, not "tacky" imagery. Again, we'll have lots to tell you about choosing and using images on your website. Get your web image mix right and your site can blossom; make the wrong choices and a long list of potential problems can start to eat away at your income and profits.
  • Meaningful videos as appropriate. How-to videos can add superb value. Also, videos that have a worthwhile point and save time and effort for your users, are especially welcome. You can have some fun with videos.
  • An overall attractive look and feel. Why? Your visitors and customers have to "like" your "face" — and on the web, your website is your most visible face. Most humans make subconscious judgments on first "meeting" something new. For "first contact", you'll want to make a "big splash" that has a warm, positive impression.
  • And more, much more ...

Three Surprisingly Potent Tools You'll Need

Yes certainly, first impressions are incredibly important. Why? They can form that lightweight connection when a new visitor "meets" your website. However, after about 15 minutes, you're into the second phase: now you'll have to quickly demonstrate substance and relevance and provide that something special if you're to keep your newly targeted visitor engaged long enough to form an initial bond.

To make enduring profits, you'll need at least three key potent tools:

  • A powerful and compelling reason for your customers to order now, today, and ...
  • A smooth order-generating and processing"system" — a series of really great offers, and probably the most important component ...
  • What I like to refer to as "alternative" Internet marketing know-how. Not the kind that "talks" the usual rubbish that we often see on thousands of websites with associated equally dubious emails; nor anything underhand or deceitful, but the successful simple variety, from people who have proven they walk what they talk — these ARE the amazing "3-percenters".

I'll tell you more about these incredible people later within as we develop.

So what else will you need: email automation tools certainly, auto-responders, and lots more. The list goes on.

Key tip: Today, with the right knowledge and knowhow — or access to people who practice what you need, there are easier ways of creating and managing a powerful website.

DIY or the Fast Track Route to "Web Success"

Here at, we think we have identified one way that has astonishing potential. To prove it, we're actually practicing on a daily basis exactly the method hinted here. A wealth of up-to-date, relevant and highly useful information is being ported over to the member area to help you.

Don't worry if some jargon phrases we use don't make much sense to you now; we're regularly adding to a special glossary of technical terms, plus you can ask in the member area and take your time to learn step by step all you need to know.

What's more, prices are dropping around the world, so you don't have to spend a fortune to create an astonishing web presence. We can show you many ways to save money and obtain key items completely free of charge.

So how do you start? Here are two possible options:

  • Option 1: the DIY route. You can follow our training tutorials and assemble all of the components you need yourself, one-by-one to build the kind of web machine we're recommending. Naturally, this option takes time.

    Yet you can save money on creating your amazing website. The biggest problem with Option 1 is that you'll most likely need at least 2 or 3 months to build your site, populate it with suitable content and learn all your need to learn.

    Then, you'll need time to learn how to do business and connect with customers and clients. So unless you have sufficient financial resources to see you through at least the first 6 months, your website dream can go broke while you're still building the foundations.

    That's why we have an.alternative, recommended plan ...
  • Option 2: Build it For me. You can ask us to build the essential structure for you, while you concentrate on crafting your content, learning the ropes, building your business, serving your customers and banking your profits.

    Of course, this second option is more expensive than doing everything yourself, however, it's a plan that gets you a formidable web business up and running in record time. We know exactly what to do: it's what we do every day.

    That's why we're offering to build websites of the same caliber as for customers who choose this fast-track Option 2. If you're serious about building a profitable business or additional income stream in record time, then Option 2 is definitely the way to go.

    Why? Lack of time and running out of money are two of the biggest hurdles facing web entrepreneurs today. That's why, you'll usually fair better if you can "hit the ground running fast" from the outset, since this approach leaves you with the time and resources you need to start building online relationships with your customers and clients.

    They are where your long-term profits lie and where you should be spending most of your marketing time during your first year of doing business online.

Key tip: is all about identifying, seeking and learning the best ways to do the tasks we as web business providers need to know. A smart mindset suggests that we concentrate on what we know best and outsource everything else that prevents us from doing what we do best.

When you start your own online business, sure, you can make record profits, but if you're not careful, you'll never have enough time to do everything you need to do — unless you develop a smart entrepreneurial mindset that really knows the difference between cost and value.

Providing you can source knowledgeable and trustworthy web developers from the mass of "just OK" suppliers, Option 2 is clearly a sensible investment approach that can help you pull back many times what you spend on your initial web design.

When we cut to the chase, it's that simple: time really is money — yours if you're the one who writes the checks / cheques. So aim to get started quickly so that you're the one who can keep your business momentum going.

Don't Just Get Wise — You Can Get S.M.A.R.T. Too

S.M.A.R.T. — Savvy Marketing And Right Thinking — is an approach first conceived from within S.M.A.R.T. is what powers and sustains everything we do here. Moreover, you too can benefit from S.M.A.R.T. technology solutions that we have identified and assembed into a powerful web business machine.

S.M.A.R.T is a simple, yet comprehensive way of creating and effectively promoting any web business in this exciting new millennium.

As far as I'm aware, I'm the first person to use this particular definition.

Therefore, if any or all of the following goals appeal you, contact me today to discuss ways to create a web development plan to suite you:

  • Work less while getting paid more. Some of my colleagues take this a step further with a twist — the less they work, the more they charge — and most often, their order books are full.
  • Say good-bye to the 9-to-5 slog, traffic jams and daily grind. Work your own hours; it's that simple. Nice if you can get it — now you can.
  • Run your business from home or based in a small office. If like me, you like working from home, great. Otherwise, rent a small unit where you can get busy undisturbed.
  • Have more time to spend with your loved ones and the people in your life that really matter to you.

Of course, none of us are here forever and time really is our most valuable commodity.

On a personal note, I wouldn't exchange anything for the time I get to spend with my wonderful wife, two children (grown up now), two exceedingly individual cats (now passed on) and a crazy Australian cockatiel (still alive and chirping away contentedly) we somehow ended up adopting.

I sometimes wonder whether "this week", a homeless python might find it's way into our lives. Nevertheless, life is never dull, just pure magic; the stuff dreams are made of.

I look forward to introducing you to the perks and benefits that are now available to our S.M.A.R.T. web publishers.

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