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In kindergarten, or early school, when first faced with the task of learning how to read, we were probably taught in a specific way. As adults, there's one simple but powerful characteristic of this common method that can actually help us in developing our writing, speaking or presentations.

At, we suspect that many famous and not-so-famous writers already use this "tool". Yet when first starting out, you may not at first realize just how much of an impact this one simple idea can have on your writing efforts.

The Sound Of Silence No More

So just what are we talking about?

  • Answer: whenever we finish writing a first draft, read your document aloud.

Why can reading your writing aloud help you create a better finish? Answer: this simple, animated act can help identify cumbersome, overly complex or boring writing and highlight weaknesses in flow and structure.

When we "see" the words and sentences on paper or on-screen, the finish may seem OK or even "sound" impressive — within the biased confines of our own "mind voice". Yet curiously, through reading aloud, we can more easily identify any glaring weaknesses that we might otherwise miss.

Yes, I Too Am Afflicted

With some regret, I freely admit that constantly, I'm amazed at the basic mistakes I still make onscreen. They — those pesky little errors still get through. Yes, as I get older, these two eyes may no longer be as sharp. However, excuses will be tackled, and awareness is the first part of resolution.

In addition, to better help fix mistakes, I like to likewise walk the path I talk. So to improve, I'm taking a different, new approach — a tool which I hope will help. If this little strategy bears fruit, I'll share all and spill the beans. Stay tuned.

Let's Have A Conversation

In a variety of communication scenarios, your writing can benefit by coming across in a conversational tone — just as you would talk. Reading your writing aloud also helps validate this approach.

  • An alternative option to "The Sound Of Silence No More" above, is to persuade someone else to read your writing aloud back to you.

Perform either of the simple, yet powerful tests above regularly and your finished delivery can benefit immensely.

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