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Just why did we decide to establish After being asked that question many times, we identified seven key reasons. Compare the drivers below to determine whether these can apply to you too:

  • I've now been a professional writer and web designer for more years than I sometimes like to ponder. During that time, and today, more than ever, I've seen, read and heard so much utter nonsense about the business of writing and publishing, that as a professional, I would be missing the mark, if I didn't try to set the record straight and help a few special people who are serious in their efforts to make big changes in their lives.
  • Living the relaxed lifestyle of a digital entrepreneur, website provider and writer, can have a civilizing effect on how you view the world. When you're having fun, it kind of puts you in a semi-permanent generous mood.
  • There's a certain amount of vanity, I know, but I enjoy sharing what I've learned while committing to increase the levels of wealth for all involved at the same time.
  • This is not a job ? it's a wonderful way to experience a fine lifestyle! It is seriously great fun when you can run your entire business on a notebook PC or tablet computer from anywhere in the world (with regular backups course :-)
  • Lastly, here's the unashamedly selfish reason: serving clients from all "walks of life" through allows us (the family) to live the way we want to live — experiencing country life on a wonderful Scottish island is such a delight when you have spent most of your adult life in urbanized environments.
  • To put the "icing on the cake", regularly, I also get to do some real work for carefully selected customers — which helps keep me up to speed.
  • Being self-employed in a "light" home-based business, one that has:
    • No dedicated business premises needed, plus all the costs and complexities that go with that option.
    • No need to keep physical stock. Digital goods are weightless.
    • No employees to manage or the associated bewildering range of legal regulations and responsibilities.
    • Few hassle issues, etc.
    • A built-in option to put you in full control of your own destiny, whatever the state of your national or world economy.

... all have a civilizing effect on your outlook!

By choosing to become an Member, perhaps you too can discover new or different ways that can help you create the kind of life you want. We'll show you how.

For the first time ever, from, you can directly benefit from hype-free insider knowledge, unique insights and broad experience, for a single, value-packed investment.

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