Brian Austin

Brian Austin

Parent, married, published author of 15 books, website publisher, SEO magic-maker, ghostwriter, crypto-researcher, storyteller, wonderer, futurist, thinker. Member of the UK Society of Authors (SoA). Disclaimer - not a crypto investor or trader in cryptocurrencies. For research purposes, to continue to learn more about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, tokens, and decentralisation, I use small amounts of tokens for creating, testing, and using smart contracts.

Vision, Values, And Our Pledge To You

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On this page, we explore why we think guiding principles are a good idea. We'll quite openly expose our underbelly (not literally I hope :-) Here, a "line is drawn in the sand" behind which we "bear our soul." These are not empty words, nor are they serious, inflexible mantras.

Brian Austin

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During 1993, I wrote my first printed book which soon after was published by a then small technical pubications publisher. Seeing my first book sold nationally and internationally was the culmination of much hard work, writing, re-writing, and creating the page layout using desktop publishing software. During the years that…

What Customers Are Saying about

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Below is a small sample of authentic testimonials and feedback gratefully received by clients, customers, readers, and users. Years ago, asking for testimonials was commonplace and acceptable. However, imagine getting emailed or phoned regularly by strangers asking about someone you worked with? For the first 2 or 3 occasions, most…

Domain Names for Wealth Creators

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If you're new to domain names, I suggest, imagine that a domain name is the equivalent of a piece of undeveloped land, except, your "raw" virtual property is on the web. Even better, today, so much more is possible! Exciting times! I suggest, the time to start is: now. Getting…