Brian Austin

Brian Austin

Parent, married, published author of 15 books, website publisher, SEO magic-maker, ghostwriter, crypto-researcher, storyteller, wonderer, futurist, thinker. Member of the UK Society of Authors (SoA). Disclaimer - not a crypto investor or trader in cryptocurrencies. For research purposes, to continue to learn more about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, tokens, and decentralisation, I use small amounts of tokens for creating, testing, and using smart contracts.

Privacy Policy Pledge

zen-stones-on-japanese-style-sand-garden understands that your privacy is important to you and that you care about how your personal data is used and shared online. We respect and value the privacy of everyone who visits this website, (“Our Site”) and will only collect and use personal data in ways that are…

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Background:​These Website Terms and Conditions, together with any and all other documents referred to herein, set out the terms of use under which you may use this website, (“Our Site”). Please read these Website Terms and Conditions carefully and ensure that you understand them. Your agreement to comply with and…

Two More Fake Websites


To confirm, there is only one website, this one, written and created by me, Brian Austin. All other active versions that you may see online are fake and have no relationship with or me. That's why occasionally, here at, we like to poke around the web to…

Debt Relief, King Lear and The Bank of Banks


With economic concerns ever present, perhaps billions are discovering new heroes, villains, experiencing extra stresses, anger, envy - and then there's nothing like electing someone to blame. Is this how an empire feels when it grows old? So to lighten our mood, let's introduce a little playfulness, perhaps with more… Cryptocurrency Domain Name

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Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), fin-tech and much more: all terms that especially from 2017 onwards, relate to an ever growing list of developments that have started to introduce profound changes to the world. A trend just getting started. Riding on this new technological Cambrian growth wave for…

Boltholes, Bubbles, Bitcoins And Banter


Without doubt, sometimes modern life sucks! Fake news. Fear, uncertainty, doubt (FUD), as we strive to navigate our way through "The Age of Stupid". We're all steeped in and exposed to these swampy quagmires, that at every opportunity, seek to pull us down. Misery truly does like company. So here, like the…

Why Check Your Sources When Writing, Part 2

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Article continued from: Why Check Your Sources When Writing, Part 1 For completeness, let's define the word "extrapolated". If we go to, and enter into the Search box: "define:extrapolated" (without the quotes), here's what we can discover. Extrapolate, means to: In addition: Our little research exploration has taught me several…

Why Check Your Sources When Writing, Part 1

Girl resting hands on stack of books

How we can bleed pain and how to dodge the missiles brought about by rash decisions. Why we need to slow down to speed up - and more. Today's article explores why we should check - and cross-check - any sources that we choose to include, when writing articles. We also learn…

Merry Christmas In Different Languages

Christmas tree illustration of Merry Christmas in different languages

Here at, we hope you can have an enjoyable, meaningful, restful time for the Christmas holidays, and a wonderful new year in 2015. We close here on December 20, 2014 for a well deserved break, and will reopen on January 5, 2015, with some new ideas, strategies, and plans…

The Coaching Fellowship, Applications Open

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Are you a 25–35 year old woman working towards transforming the planet? And, interested in accelerating your personal and professional development?The Coaching Fellowship, an international community of coaches is providing 50 professional coaching positions at massively reduced to rate to young women who are making a difference in the world.

Microdata Schema Tags For Your Joomla Website

Word cloud centred around theme of web design

Smart, intuitive search engines, like those from Google, are constantly perfecting better ways to understand and define web pages more accurately. Microdata are special codes added to web pages that search engine software can use to gain deeper insights on what a web page is really about. Yet, at the…

Can Smart Creatives Save Your Business?

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Business life has changed much during the "Internet century" through which we are living. Google, like many successful companies, continues to evolve, question, innovate, and to use a well established writer's phrase, is not afraid to "slay its darlings", if they are considered no longer to meet the goals they…