Brian Austin

Brian Austin

Parent, married, published author of 15 books, website publisher, SEO magic-maker, ghostwriter, crypto-researcher, storyteller, wonderer, futurist, thinker. Member of the UK Society of Authors (SoA). Disclaimer - not a crypto investor or trader in cryptocurrencies. For research purposes, to continue to learn more about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, tokens, and decentralisation, I use small amounts of tokens for creating, testing, and using smart contracts.

How To Create Web Pages In Joomla 2.5, Part 3

3D jigsaw illustration of content management system

This article is in 3 parts. Continued from Part 2. You're currently on page 3 of 3: You can create a basic, minimal Joomla web page in 4 simple steps: (1) add a title, (2) add some text, (3) choose a category, (4) save your page. However, this more detailed,…

How To Create Web Pages In Joomla 2.5, Part 2

CMS and content management system writing on chalkboard

This article is in 3 parts. Continued from Part 1. You're currently on page 2 of 3: Yes, of course, you can create a basic, minimal Joomla web page in only 4 simple steps: (1) add a web page title, (2) add your article text, (3) choose a category, (4)…

How To Create Web Pages In Joomla 2.5, Part 1

Three-D jigsaw puzzle of content management system

Today, creating great website content does not have to be hard or tortuous. Yet some work and application is called for. The tools that various providers have made available are stunning! In this mini training course, we explore how you can create website pages that serve both people and search…

The Web Is Broken

three-dimentional wooden puzzle sculpture

At first glance, the web is just fine. Yet from sometimes millions of possibilities, for any particular search term, essentially only 8 or 10 websites - plus perhaps a few additional advertising-driven links - find their way into the elusive slot on the first page of the search results. Furthermore…

The Scottish Independence Vote

red-haired girl looking down into loch water

At one point, some years ago, we had over 7,000 registered subscribers to our emails and updates, though I don't think we have that many now. Nevertheless, if you will indulge me, I want to share with you my own perspective with readers about the question of Scottish independence. So…

The Future of the Book is in the Web Browser


Ebooks will die - eventually. Why? Hint: "All together or as a whole", is the theme. For now, look at the early web - that's today - including remarkable resources like,, and ebooks everywhere in multiple formats. Yet, let's imagine for a few minutes, what might happen to ebooks.

How To Hire Your Future Employer

A jigsaw puzzle illustration of people faces

While of course the world is always changing, today, for many, the rate of change seems to be speeding up. Globally, more and more people are now working in gig-, freelance-, and consultant-driven roles. As old structures morph or dissolve, new opportunities are also being born - every day! Here's…

Find Your Blue Butterfly

Three beautiful blue butterflies on white background

In addition to creating a great website design, I suggest that you find your "blue butterfly". So just what is a blue butterfly - apart from, a blue butterfly? In our imaginary scene, the "room" is also symbolic of your local area, your state, the country, the world - all connected…

How To Get On With Google - Maybe

A group of multiple diverse young people smiling

So with all the constant changes going on, just what is Google up to? No Idea? Nor does anyone else outside of Google. And that's a good thing. With that said, let's speculate; have some fun - or not depending on your viewpoint. There are three things that I am…

Roald Dahl On Looks And Thoughts

Beautiful waterfall photo in forest

Sometimes, a few words can speak more to each one of us than an all the thoughts and ideas that make up an entire book, article, movie, or video. So let's ponder a simple yet remarkable quotation, tha yet again shows how less can deliver more.You can have a wonky…

Web Business Construct Number Two

The word ideas highlighted by a blue marker pen

Your Twin TowersOften, someone may suggest that a particular business market is saturated when too many people are all trying to sell the same or similar products or services, to the same groups of people who may or may not be interested in what is being said. Some "experts" may…

Website Security, Mobile, Social Media

Computer, tablet device, and two smartphones

The world is changing! A simple statement that is both obvious, yet at the same time is undeniably true with deeper implications for people with websites! Online especially, the web changes much faster than the world at large. In this article, we explore 3 ways to make the web work…

Web Business Construct Number One

Woman sitting on rocks looking out over blue sky

The ChallengeHow to build a fun and profitable website when you have all the basics in place: domain name, web design, web Content Management System (CMS), sufficient content, and so on? Solution: focus on one customer, client, or website member at a time. Why? Every customer, client, or website member…

Four Winning Website Ingredients

Illustration of a magnet attracting multiple stick figures

Often today, there's a powerful 4-ingredient recipe mix that can make a big difference to outcomes: With rapid, yet affordable web development and ongoing promotion in a variety of ways, small businesses and individuals especially can benefit most. Why: because they can choose to move quickly. Today, a good benchmark…

Web Business Start-up Guide 8 of 15

Girl sitting on boulder with laptop computer, blue sky

How your website works is the second visible component to its "look and feel", with which a visitor or customer experiences when assessing your web business. If you're not designing or developing your own website, work with your chosen web designer or web developer to create the functionality you want. Search…