Overcome Almost Every Obstacle

Agains All Odds, Daily Newspaper headline news

This particular acquired skill is not only highly beneficial to writers, speakers, presenters and website content creators but to anyone dealing with any obstacle that life may throw at us.

If you've read other tips presented throughout this website, you'll notice that several of the snippets I've suggested, although perhaps simple in form and understanding can be incredibly powerful and complex in application.

A similar theme applies here. The insight I'm outlining has arguably been used by many if not every person who has ever achieved something extraordinary.

This tip can be summed up in a single word and is also right now being used by countless amazing people around the world today:

  • Focus!

Yes, that's it: without doubt, whatever is your passion in life, if you can develop the ability to focus on the current task to the exclusion of everything else that is not relevant to the matter in hand, you wlll have mastered, or have started to master, a wonderful, empowering skill!

Anyone can easily say or write the word "focus". However, to put focus into practise in a world that is obsessed with noise and "a million distractions", is not so easy to do today.

However, in a similar way that a carpenter can use tools to create wonderful creations in wood, we too have tricks, tips, techniques, and little strategies that you can take and use to help you get done what you need to do.

Also, remember, just because you may have previously heard or read about a method to help you do something different, in a better way, which then failed, doesn't mean, attempting to do so again, won't work for you this time. Often, a little tweek here, a small change there can make all the difference. 

We can look at the same picture at different times and get a different impression second time around. Sometimes, during our second look, all that might have changed is the way we "look at" what we're considering. Or, the conditions that allow use to evaluate the subject may have changed in some fundamental way too. 

Consider the following guidelines:

  • Focus without doubt, brings us the power to do, to be better than we think we can be, to exceed, and to achieve - naturally.
  • We really can write or speak or present or publish remarkable work if we can just choose to have unstoppable focus, especially during preparation stages!
  • Yet, as we've already touched upon, talking about the key benefits of cultivating high focus is easy, however, not so easy in practice. Therefore, never stop practicing.
  • When you practise with enough focus, background noise can almost become a kind of "groaning silence": you can zone out what's not relevant to what you want to do. 
  • Key tip: As you perfect your writing, speaking, presenting and website content creation, your focus "muscles" become stronger. In time, you'll feel that once you set your mind to a task nothing is beyond your reach. What was hard when you "first changed" becomes easy as you gain ever more self-mastery and applied focus.
  • Key tip: consider the three "legs" of success in any endeavor: focus, passion, persistence. Become like a laser beam; learn to focus with passion and persistence and all obstacles become like putty in your hands.

Now why not go and overcome that something that right now, is holding you back? Really! Go on: now is good.

Here's a little tongue-twister that is both entertaining and perfectly valid.

Your now right now is the only now of this now you'll have - until the next now :-)

If you agree, to gain a better insight, perhaps take the time to reread the previous sentence, slowly, a couple of times.

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