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Why People Are Not Fish

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Today, I received an email proposal from a well known, well established marketing personality. The Subject line for this email was entitled: "Hooking a Client"! Yuk - I thought! I couldn't believe that such a respected organization would use a really, really bad phrase like that. Here's why ... People…

How Smart Communicators Prosper

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If you want to learn how to communicate better or improve your writing style and quality, here are some activities that if performed often and widely can help provide all the creative juices you need to eventually create your best works. Never forget that one of the most effective ways…

Avoid Sexism in Communications

Printed document with title avoiding sexist language

Thankfully, the 21st century is getting more grown up by the minute. So why wouldn't any civilized society not want to treat men and women equally? And yet, one glance at world news and we know humanity still has some way to go before we can be considered truly enlightened. The…