Why People Are Not Fish

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Today, I received an email proposal from a well known, well established marketing personality. The Subject line for this email was entitled: "Hooking a Client"! Yuk — I thought! I couldn't believe that such a respected organization would use a really, really bad phrase like that. Here's why ...

People are not fish — so why talk about them as if they are? I cringed, sighed, wondered why. Perhaps they have so many customers that there was no need to try harder.

However, our website visitors, prospective customers, paying customers and clients are all individuals — each a living, breathing human being, with individual needs and preferences.

Therefore, my thought for today; my simple recommendation to you dear reader includes:

  • Treat people with the respect they deserve, both in your thoughts and the actual words you use in your web pages and email communications. We know a little authenticity is not hard.
  • When your thoughts, words, and actions line up in precisely the same way, your web communications gain instant credibility and your creativity tends to soar.
  • When people believe that who you say you are, really is the truth and nothing but the truth, business openings seem to find their way to you. Yes, there is magic in the air — and you can tap into this at a moment's notice! Prospective clients seem to sense when you have integrity.
  • Try to avoid blase phrases like "target market" when referring to someone specifically. Meaningful, relevant, personalised words truly are the true currency of business.
  • Avoid using phrases like "Hook a Client" in your email communications. As well as being offensive, they're almost guaranteed to automatically get sent to your email program S*pam bin.
  • Follow all the steps in this article while working on how to improve your email and web communications. Avoid using well worn out cliches — most immediately suggest falseness. If you want to use a cliche, invent your own: make it yours.
  • One single bad sentence, phrase or word in your offer can be enough to lose you a sale. The remedy: apply uncommon consideration to everything you do.   
  • When you make offers, be specific, not vague. Be individual, not general. Treat people as you would like to be treated yourself.
  • Most important of all: be kind — both to others and to yourself.

What's more, look for ways to enjoy your day. Even though we're all living through "the Age of Stupid", there is brightness when you pause and look, and there's always, always something to be grateful for.

When you follow these steps, your mindset changes. As a successful web publisher, how you think usually gets translated into results — orders, sales, key connections.

Now go make a million!

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