How Smart Communicators Prosper

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If you want to learn how to communicate better or improve your writing style and quality, here are some activities that if performed often and widely can help provide all the creative juices you need to eventually create your best works.

Read. Read Some More. Then Keep Reading

Never forget that one of the most effective ways to learn how to write easily is to simply read often and widely.

Sure, absolutely do keep writing — ideally something new every day. Write about topics that interest you, anger you, motivate, and inspire you, however, do continue to read as well.

For many writers, regular reading often comes easily, since a love of reading can provide the initial driving force that forms the desire to write.

With the invention of ever clearer screens on tablet computers like the Apple iPad and iPad Mini, reading electronic publications is now easier, with much reduced eye strain, compared to reading from a standard resolution PC screen.

Do Some Active Reading

While reading to relax, I also suggest you devote some reading time to what I refer to as "active reading".

When you read in such a way that you're also taking special note of how the writing style has been crafted, in addition to reading about the topic, you're also developing your writing "muscle" too. 

Don't forget: "Active reading" is also a form of writing research that often works on a subconscious level too. As a result, perhaps you're forming the building blocks of ideas and thought patterns to be birthed later.

Make Records, Snippets Of Things That Mean Something To You

Take notes. If during your "active reading" sessions, your attention is drawn to a writing style or method that makes a particularly significant impression upon you, find out why this kind of sequence affects you that way it does.

The real value in completing this activity is that if you as an "active reader-writer" with an analytical eye have taken note of the sequence, then others too are almost certainly enthralled.

Strive to understand the construction of the piece and record what the author did to achieve this particular result. Then you'll have another model or template from which to bring your own visions to publication later.

Why What Happens Before Is Just As Important As The Main Event 

Consider the analogy / story of the stonemason while trying to split a large rock. Blow after blow he rained down upon that rock yet still it would not break.

However, our wise stonemason possessed "insider" knowledge, so he or she did not give up. They knew that eventually the rock must break.

And break it did: after many blows, aching muscles and maybe the overwhelming desire to simply stop and perhaps choose another "easier" rock tomorrow.

Key tip: we know that the single blow which appeared to break the rock could not have split the rock on its own; only through the accumulated weakening power of all the previous blows combined with the final blow did the rock break.

So it often is with writing, speaking and presenting. Sometimes, achieving the level of success you crave can take longer than you may at first expect. 

Therefore, do all you can to develop patience and persistence. Those two traits combined create a form of power that is unstoppable.

Repeated Action, With Strategy, Is How You Win

Do keep hammering away while you learn, develop and perfect your own skills of writing, speaking, presenting and / or website development.

Are You A Stubborn Headed Fool?

Those who persist are never fools. The stubborn doers get results. They learn more. They Never give up

Keep interested in what you're doing. For support, encouragement, to build shared visions, and experiences, connect with other, like-minded individuals. Build new tribes.

Don't Forget The Fun

Make the processes of writing, speaking, presenting and website content creation activities that in time, you learn to enjoy.

That happens more easily and is more sustainable over the long term, if you feel or believe that what you're doing is giving back more value than the price you ask.

Add That All-Important Glue

While patience, persistence, and constant practice are essential, your best also needs one more ingredient: the plan, your plan, is the glue that binds all your efforts to point toward a goal or objective.

Do develop a plan for each key goal you want to achieve. The awesome power of a plan, a strategy, a blueprint map, is remarkable, and when combined with patience and persistence and strategy, highly effective.

So have a clear plan with action steps, then implement your plan daily.

Evaluating The Road Ahead

At periodic intervals, pause, and evaluate your plan. Check how you're doing. Make changes if you think a different action path is called for. Course corrections are just fine. Adjust as required.

Accept That Progress Is Fickle And Feisty

Sometimes, progress is fast. What you're doing seems to run like a finely tuned engine. Whirring along, results happen faster than you ever expected. You're in awe! And you don't know how or why what happened, happened.

During other times, you can feel like you have been frozen where you sit, or turned into a stone gargoyle stuck high on some gothic mansion, forever to just observe your life, powerless!

Don't be deflected by apparent slow progress: who knows what forces and initiatives may be working in the background to help you achieve your goals?

The night can seem the longest just before the dawn: the promise of a beautiful sunrise can delight and amaze. Maybe your special sunrise is today, or tomorrow, or another day.

You have no control of outcomes, but you can do the work that gets you closer to the kind of outcome you want.

Believe in possibilities, then just do your work to the best of your ability. Stay focused, alert, driven, unstoppable.

Keep moving and implementing your plan. Whatever outward events may seem to suggest, if you have not given up, you are progressing, moving forward, ever closer to your master goal.

Enjoy your journey.

Maybe the fun has just started.

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