2 Simple Smart Marketing Tips

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In communications, sometimes, the simplest of changes can have huge implications. A common fallacy is that a highly successful publication equally requires an equally high cost.

You can achieve much or radically alter the response of a document by simply making better choices in its presentation. For example, results of various studies have shown that by implementing these two tips, you can boost readership by up to an astonishing 200%!

Does that translate into 200% more sales? Highly doubtful, however, with up to a 200% increase in readership, sales should definitely also increase if your message is attractive, relevant, targeted and includes a time-dependent, unmissable offer.

Tips like these can be especially valuable when creating publications and materials for advertising and marketing.

Here's how to improve a marketing publication that hasn't already had been exposed to these two steps:

  • For each image that you insert in a document, add a caption immediately underneath the image.
  • Make your caption instantly clear, easy to read AND contain a key benefit of the product or service to which the image relates.

Why? The human eye is naturally drawn to powerful images. Yet when a carefully crafted, simple text line is"added" to an image, our relationship to language seems to have a qualifying, persuasive effect.

Who would have thought that such a subtle change can have surprising implications?

Key tip: placing the text caption directly underneath an image seems to be crucial to the overall effectiveness of the strategy. Perhaps in matters of persuasion, our eyes seem to "like" looking at an image first, then we've become accustomed to read a few words about that image, rather than the other way round.

Experiment with using a variety of image captions - and measure the results - to determine which arrangement works best for your purposes.

Integrating With Modern Web Design Techniques

We can help meet the preferred caption goal by:

  • Combining the main page image with the main page title, inserted directly under the image. So, by using a slightly different approach, we can achieve a similar effect.
  • During mouseover on the image, or touch from touch devices, an additional title and keywords can also be displayed. The end result: you can double-up on the benefits gained by using superb web designs. 

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