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How your website works is the second visible component to its "look and feel", with which a visitor or customer experiences when assessing your web business. If you're not designing or developing your own website, work with your chosen web designer or web developer to create the functionality you want.

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Necessary Today?

Search Engine Optimization is concerned with the process of optimizing your website to be mindful of search engine requirements and preferences. When creating your website, remember:

  • SEO helps you tap into the power and reach of powerful search engines and web directories.
  • Consider Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines, plus any other web indexes that focus on markets that are important for your website theme.
  • While Google may still be most important for conventional web search, Bing is developing a growing strength within the social media search markets: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.
  • SEO should become an important component in your overall website design.
  • If you are not yet using a web template that is optimized for search engines, then I suggest you do so as soon as possible.

Perfect Your Best Website Recipe

While SEO is an excellent key component of your overall web strategy, to create successful website content, consider, the 4 key ingredients of a great website recipe:

  • People: choose our products and services, and ultimately help us thrive in business.
  • Search engines: can help us find more visitors when we pay attention to their requirements and help them create great web indexes.
  • The mobile web: ideally, ensure that your website uses Responsive Web Design (RWD) techniques, either from new, or through an upgrade. A RWD-based website should automatically adjust itself for best display and presentation for each visitor, whether they are using a desktop PC or Apple Mac, an iPad or other tablet computer, or an iPhone or other smart phone 
  • Search keywords: that people use to find your web pages. Keywords are what people use to find web pages like yours. A keyword can be a single word or a short phrase.
Ideally, ensure that your core pages focus on a single keyword or key phrase. However, don't let keywords override everything you do. Equally important: do create web pages that are useful to your visitors.
The Google Keyword Tool can help you identify the search terms people are using. To find the latest version of the Google Keyword Tool, go to and search for "google keyword tool" (without the quotes).

Your Website Hyperlinks

Make sure all of your links work as intended or expected. As a website grows, naturally the number of links grows too, so this task can sometimes be more challenging. But software tools like SEO Spider from can help you locate and fix problems more easily.

Website Content Management Systems

Consider using an "open source" web Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla or WordPress to help you build and grow your website.

Though you must make sure your website CMS has strong security applied. How: you can install and configure some carefully chosen extensions to help further protect your website. Or you can ask a trusted website developer to add those to your website.

At the time or writing, too many WordPress website installations are simply too weak, so are getting hacked in their millions. Don't be one of these victims. Make your website "castle" strong from day one. An up to date, well configured Joomla site is often more secure.

You'll create and manage your website content yourself, learning and perfecting valuable skills, and publishing regularly on the web when you're ready. That's why we use the more powerful Joomla to handle most of our website functionality.

Combine a powerful web CMS like Joomla with an attractive web design, focused on the needs of your visitors and customers, and you'll have the ideal launch pad to a profitable web business.

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