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When you already have a carefully considered, smart web design in place, still pay particular attention about how you structure your website content pages. One often overlooked area to consider is what happens when your visitor needs to scroll down the page vertically.

Every web page should have one overriding objective; something so crucial and so important. I urge you to understand and appreciate in detail what you want your web page to achieve. That means, every web page on your website.

Let's refer to this aspect as your Number 1 goal or your Most Wanted Response (MWR).

Handy tip: if you get your MWR right, your website is almost assured of outstanding success! Your MWR is what your site is all about — the "beating heart" of your website.

For example, you may want your visitor to:

  • Buy a product or service, or ...
  • Opt-in to your newsletter, or ...
  • Sign up to your landing page or autoresponder to receive more information about a specific product or service, or ...
  • Request that you contact your visitor.
  • And so on

Web pages that that seek to tackle issues convincingly often we'll need more vertical space than is available from the height of a single typical computer screen. That means usually some vertical scrolling is required from the visitor.

To achieve your MWR, somewhere on your web page, you'll have at least one prompt or invitation to your visitor urging them to take the action you want them to take. You might have a small web form, or a Buy button, or invitation to opt-in button, and so on.

Moreover, today, now that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is enshrined in Internet law, the approach we would take when thinking about how we connect with anyone, is different than we might have used some years ago. More care is needed.

Naturally, high up on your page, you'll want to include reasons why — What's In It For Me (WIIFM) — in a word: benefits. Better still, include a special offer that is date-limited to encourage your visitor to take action now, or they may never respond again.

Handy tip: for smart Internet marketers everywhere, the word "now" must surely be one of the best words to keep in your marketing vocabulary. Never underestimate the power of "now". Why: now is all anyone ever has for sure, so making your MWR now must surely be your key goal.

Quick Tip 25

However, here's my simple tip to suggest to you today:

Whenever you include your offer, remember to also include prompts to your offer in various places throughout your page, not just at the top. Ideally, top, middle and bottom of your sales page. Some people may take action soon; others may prefer to read everything you say first. Make sure you consider everyone.

The Scrolling Prompt Technique

Even so, sometimes, you may prefer not to have multiple instances of the same web design / sales component appearing on the same page.

Therefore, an alternative web design approach is to arrange for your Most Wanted Response (MWR) prompt to remain in place — perhaps on the right side of your page — as your visitors scrolls down your sales page or landing page. That way, your MWR message stays in place as your visitors scans or reads your page.

However do remember, for this "scrolling prompt" technique to be effective, you have to know your audience; get to understand what motivates them — and more importantly, what irritates. Why: sometimes, this approach can be interpreted as pestering, or "coming on too strong", or appearing too desperate.

Better: try to consider how your website visitors might feel. Ask yourself, if what you want to do acceptable, polite, beneficial to them? 

When we treat our visitors with care, consideration, we can create a welcome, non-threatening atmosphere.

Handy tip: to tap into one of the most basic principles of successful selling, strive to be calm, cool, collected, businesslike, even when you may be desperate for sales. Your primary goal is to perfect profitable ways to serve your visitors, customers, clients.

Remember, You Have Two Audiences, Not One 

One other point to consider when installing the scrolling prompt technique on to a web page is the kind of website code that is used to create the effect. Why: some approaches are more search engine friendly than others.

My recommendation: if unsure, never implement the scrolling prompt technique without first speaking to a web developer or designer who is well versed in search engine optimization for today's web. That way, you can ensure you find the best way to present the scrolling prompt technique, without undermining your efforts, to serve both of your key audiences: people and search engines — at the same time.

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