Are Words Just Words?

If you change the way you look at thing, the things you look at change

Is your brochure really working for you? Could your sales letters get a higher response? Do you think your company literature is ... well ... "OK"? If the answers to any of these three questions fall short, I suggest you need to make a change quickly. Why?

"OK" is never good enough in today's highly competitive world. In fact "OK" can put you out of business faster than your worst politician says, "I promise ... trust me!"

Of course, to be really effective and achieve their true aim, marketing materials must be the best we can possibly achieve. Easy to say, not so easy to bring about — in practice.

So what's the glue that holds everything together? Answer: words. Specifically, the words you use and chose can make such a difference!

Why Word Choices Are So Special — and So Powerful!

A strong impact doesn't need many words. However, just having a few words in your message doesn't mean you'll automatically create a big impression.

What you need is a recipe, a mix, a formula. Something that makes your reader stop, pause, wonder, then act differently. 

The right mix of words can:

  • Inform clearly: always good; always a priority.
  • Persuade: the sheer power of being able to win someone over to your point of view, makes anything possible. Though I recommend apply responsible action.
  • Prove a point: often essential in business and in your life generally.
  • Sell a product: In business, nothing happens without a sale, then another, and another, and so on. Selling is sometimes easy, sometimes hard, though once you find and reach the tipping point, your sales can cascade — in a good way.
  • Entertain and amuse: humor gets our attention — modern living is already too serious; entertainment and fun can do all of the above in a different way. Yes, the media industry is obssessed with "It it bleeds, it leads". The more we as consumers respond to all that is negative, the more we'll get to read every day in our news. Times are changing. Too much "bleed" and people can simply get better at filtering out the bad stuff. We should all do more filtering, yes? Upbeat and positive gets my vote. What do you think?
  • Change the world: read or listen to some of the most authentic, amazing, influential people that have ever lived, to truly understand the power of the "right words".
Yet what about the flip side? The "price" for using the wrong words can have implications from which an organization may never recover. The rewards for getting it right, however, can be fast and dramatic — in a positive way!

Today, communications are more important than ever before: in the global marketplace, there is so much potential; so many new opportunities, and yet at the same time, an abundance of threats that can mean so much to lose — if the wrong choices are made.

Throughout human history, both success and failure start with words and language whether spoken or written! Today is no different — yet arguably, the stakes are higher nowadays: every business simply must get their marketing right if they are to survive and thrive! Sometimes, in our present highly charged global marketplace, there's no second chance.

Your persuasive efforts can be lengthy or short. Both can win, and both can help you lose money faster than you ever thought possible — if you use the incorrect pitch in the wrong way.

A 4-Step Recipe To Help Create Outstanding Marketing Materials

At the very least, the written content for all marketing materials should meet the following four conditions. Ask yourself truly:

  • Are your marketing materials appropriate for your audience and for the core purpose of your document or presentation?
  • Is the end result laid out as simply as possible without unnecessary padding or waffle?
  • Is what you say, whether spoken or written, clear, without ambiguity?
  • Are your written or spoken results complete in themselves and able to stand on their own?

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