Web Business Construct Number One

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The Challenge

How to build a fun and profitable website when you have all the basics in place: domain name, web design, web Content Management System (CMS), sufficient content, and so on?

Construct: defined

Noun: an abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances. Verb: 1. Make by combining materials or parts. 2. Put together out of components or parts. 3. Draw with suitable instruments or under specified conditions, of geometrical figures. 4. Of past events. Source definition: from

Answer To The Challenge Above

Solution: focus on one customer, client, or website member at a time.


Every customer, client, or website member is as equally important to you as all others. Why: even though 20% may provide 80% of your income, any one of those 80% could decide to join your 20% when their time is right.

Why Authentic Human Equality Is A Great Idea

"Leave no-one behind", is a wonderful phrase — it's a good and profitable plan for a web business that seeks to serve people first, and earn income second.

Yet without conviction, such phrases are empty and meaningless.

So slay anonymity. Get personal. Stay personal.

That's where you can make big gains.

Help: What If I'm Not An Extrovert?

So what, who cares? Your customers and clients won't so long as you listen to them and give them your best products and service.

As soon as we decide to make a definition of what someone should or should not be, in order to meet a specific character profile or expectation, someone else somewhere, is probably doing the exact opposite of that profile, and making a success of their endeavors.

Thought for the day: look around: existing patterns are made to be broken, eventually. The world loves new ideas. Nature loves to create differences and individual expression, everywhere. Take a snowflake: I challenge you to show me two that are the same. How many different species exist on Earth? How many have existed over time?

If you're a generally introverted, retiring type of person (that was me too some years ago), on the web, that’s just not a problem.

Why? When you run a profitable web-based business, you'll spend most of your (relaxing :-) time "talking" to your clients, customers and potential buyers in one form or another, through your website, PC, Mac, iPad, other tablet computer, or even a smart phone.

What's more, when you're having a fine ole' time running your laid back web business, you'll be surprised how you'll soon start to open up and make new friends and quality business acquaintances anyway. Great contacts seem to “happen” naturally when you just go with the flow.

Which leads me on to an important and often unexpected aside benefit of having your own profitable low-cost web business: please listen up here.

Going Forward Starting With The One Thing You Have

You can notice how multiple problems in your life can start to be resolved by aiming to deal with just a single problem. It's fascinating to see how aiming to solve one problem, can solve many, at the same time. Enjoy the ride — it's the next phase of your life!

Consider that trying to work out the development of your web business is like looking at a breadcrumb trail in thick fog. What's more, the fog is not the problem. You only need to be able to detect the one or two breadcrumbs in front to know which direction to go right now.

Yes, you may start with Plan A, only to find that Plan B or Plan C seem to take on a life of their own. Idea: turn yourself into a durable tree: be flexible. Your clients and customers will let you know what they want from you.

So where do you begin? Answer: simple; you start with you, where you are right now. Be yourself — it's where you've already had lots of practice, and trust that with new web friends that you develop around you, as part of your "mastermind group", you'll be able to determine the best way to make the next few steps.

Know that you really don't need to see all of the staircase to start your upward climb to a better, more relaxed lifestyle.

Check back for more important website-building Construct ideas to help you build prosperity in different ways.

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