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Your Twin Towers

Often, someone may suggest that a particular business market is saturated when too many people are all trying to sell the same or similar products or services, to the same groups of people who may or may not be interested in what is being said.

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Your Twin Towers Continued

Some "experts" may suggest that there is no room for new people to sell those same products and services.

When I hear this, in the nicest possible way, I smile just a little.

Here's why. You see, for a prosperous website business, I suggest, in addition to you, you'll need two key things, to solve the equation / the problem / the challenge:

  • A proven demand for a product or service. Though not necessarily essential. Why: sometimes, you can simply go with a different idea to create a completely new product or service based on your own thorough research and gut feel. Example: Apple iPad. However, without a proven demand, you take a dramatically bigger risk, and costs are usually higher. If your gamble pays off, good for you.
  • A high quality product or service to meet the demand above.

Sounds boring, yes?

It's About You

Nevertheless, the secret ingredient — the "game-changer sauce" is you: the one "component" that can change anything "ordinary" into something extraordinary.

Yes, seriously folks, I'm not stroking your ego here, without the "You" element, some busy business markets can be extremely difficult to break into. People can understandably tire of hearing the same voice repeated over and over.

Without the "You" component, a business sector can indeed become saturated — like a well-worn gold mine: only a limited number of nuggets can be found, however hard you try, then you have move on to somewhere else.

However, thankfully, unlike gold mines, a proven product and / or a service, when combined with your unique delivery of that product or service, can together, create an entirely new, attractive web business entity, provided that you’re willing to engage with other people and talk about you, yourself, your stories, your outlook, etc.

Never forget, that throughout history: now, or any time in the future, there will never be another person quite like you. I can't be you; you can't be me.

So why not celebrate your uniqueness, and yes, even your so-called flaws: they too have their place, which you may find later are actually strengths disguised as "seeds" that help give birth to new powers and skills that you never thought you had or could develop!

Sometimes, without the one, you can’t find the other, and you need both. Like a healthy brain works better with a left side and a right side intact and working together, so you too, need the complete you — with one proviso: I recommend, develop and foster a kindly and generous nature. Why: you'll make many friends on-line, probably earn more, and simply have more fun that way.

The key point is, when you put together or combine any already proven product or service, with you, that's how you invent a totally unique new product or service stream! I'm amazed that even today, with all the free and low cost technology gifts available from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other incredibly generous providers, so many people still just don't get this.

When we analyze the details, drill down far enough, we can discover an earlier "version" of a product or service. Perhaps rarely is anything truly original. Many "new" inventions are often existing idea given a new spin, a new face, a new coat. You can be that new spin, new face, new coat.

And that is precisely the reason why you don't have any competition — if you believe this to be so. Over to you!

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