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Getting And Keeping Attention

What is the one thing that almost all writers, communicators or website publishers would love to have? Answer: of course

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Web Business Start-up Guide 7 of 15

Establish Your Website Look And Feel Your web design look, feel and functionality are the most tangible links that your

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Write And Edit Naturally

Some writers and communicators know precisely what they're going to say as soon as they put "pen to paper" or fingers to

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Create Goals that Really Work

In the lightest sense, a goal is simply something we want to achieve, yes? A desired outcome. However, often, when we "s

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Everyone Has Their Story

Yes, I believe it to be more true today than ever before: there really is an interesting book in almost everyone. Perhap

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Using Active White Space

Our world is rich in components that we can't easily see, hear, feel, touch and taste, yet which when harnessed or manag

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Create Effective Advertisements

Advertising in the most appropriate print-based publications can be expensive. That's why, you can save money by carryin

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How Smart Communicators Prosper

If you want to learn how to communicate better or improve your writing style and quality, here are some activities that

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Update Copyright Date Automatically

Usually, on or around the first day of every new year, if you have one or more Joomla-powered websites, you would be wis

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Astonishing Prosperity From Two Words

Yes, two simple words describe this tip perfectly. The best sales people do it. News broadcasters and other television p

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The Perfect Document in 10 Steps

You've written your piece, made changes, fixed any errors, so now it's just about perfect, yes? So in triumph, you print

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Insights, Answers, Solutions

Regular subscribers know I highly recommend that as profitable web publishers, we should build our own "Swipe files".

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Can Smart Creatives Save Your Business?
/ by Brian Austin

Business life has changed much during the "Internet century" through which we are living. Google, like many successful

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