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Handling Professional Critics

Don't ever become fazed by critics and reviewers - they'll get you eventually for something anyway, no matter how good y

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Flash File Finder

Even though web based Flash may not be as popular as it once was, lots of free-to-use Adobe Macromedia Flash files are s

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Why Be An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs employ themselves, and like to work out how solve new and old problems for others; they're often keen on e

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Why There's Always Another Way

This tip isn't directly related to writing, speaking, presenting, publishing or how to develop a prosperous and successf

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Are You a 37-Percenter?

Results of one recent study suggests that 37% of the UK population "felt they had a book in them." I don't mind admittin

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When Printing Web Pages

Sometimes, as you "travel" around the Web, you may decide that you would like to keep a printed record of some pages in

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35 Website Promotion Strategies

If you tie Internet marketing muscle to web-based gimmicks, when the next major search engine update occurs to revalue w

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How To Sell Anything

By: Author Unknown Don't Sell Me ClothesSell me neat appearance ... style ... attractiveness.Don't Sell Me Shoe

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How Smart Communicators Prosper

If you want to learn how to communicate better or improve your writing style and quality, here are some activities that

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Sometimes Baby Knows Best

We know that learning anything new takes time, effort, courage, focus, persistence, a can-do attitude, and other such he

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21 PC And Tablet Computer Tips

Your Software Applications: Tip 01: for maximum computer stability, help your computer run more quickly How: try to en

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Affect or Effect

Some words can sound similar but have entirely different meanings. For example "affect" and "effect" are known to confus

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