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Sometimes Baby Knows Best

We know that learning anything new takes time, effort, courage, focus, persistence, a can-do attitude, and other such he

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What Makes an Effective Ad

What's at the heart of an effective advertisement? All the best copywriters commissioned to write smart adverts that del

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How to Maintain Your Writing Flow

Writers and communicators like most everyone else, can experience peaks and troughs - especially in creativity. Some day

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Not All Testimonials Are Good

What's the best form of advertising? Of course, word-of-mouth beats most every other form of promotion hands down. Our f

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Two Myths Debunked

My title for this article deliberately seeks to draw attention to a flawed belief often referred to as "the silver bulle

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Handling Professional Critics

Don't ever become fazed by critics and reviewers - they'll get you eventually for something anyway, no matter how good y

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Website Shape, Sound, And Scent

Did you know that your website smells? Maybe it even stinks! The key point is our websites give off more than we might a

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Create Goals that Really Work

In the lightest sense, a goal is simply something we want to achieve, yes? A desired outcome. However, often, when we "s

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35 Website Promotion Strategies

If you tie Internet marketing muscle to web-based gimmicks, when the next major search engine update occurs to revalue w

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Effective Communications, Tip 2

In a previous article, I've suggested that most people are secretly asking to be led or guided in some way. Whether you

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Taking the S.M.A.R.T. Option

Yes, it's true! Even with the still lingering blues and whispers of economic doom and gloom, today there's

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Speed Verses Online Security

For anyone who seeks to build a useful, helpful, profitable online business or successful website, two arguably equally

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