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A Powerful Communications Tool

Today, a wide variety of tools are available to help writers and communicators who create documents, presentations and w

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Overcome Almost Every Obstacle

This particular acquired skill is not only highly beneficial to writers, speakers, presenters and website content creato

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The Same Word Dilemma

On many occasions, while creating your message, whether you're:Authoring a book. Documenting a manual or user guide

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Getting And Keeping Attention

What is the one thing that almost all writers, communicators or website publishers would love to have? Answer: of course

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Create Descriptive, Expressive Writing

Have you ever watched a young child painting her picture? The brush strokes may be large, the colors blindingly bright,

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Avoid Sexism in Communications

The words you choose to use can be incredibly beneficial to your aims - or swiftly damaging. Sometimes, the power of a s

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Is Grammar Really Necessary Today?

While grammar can essentially be defined as a set of rules that govern spoken and written language that help ensure othe

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Welcome to the Fifth Revolution

What you're about to view makes sober reading! At least five modern revolutions have already started, and the fifth one

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Saying No to the Status Quo

To help publicize the Mac, Apple Inc. created a short 60-second commercial that over time has gained almost legendary st

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When Printing Web Pages

Sometimes, as you "travel" around the Web, you may decide that you would like to keep a printed record of some pages in

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Fewer Or Less

The English language is littered with words that at first glance appear to have similar meanings, yet which can easily b

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A Powerful Writing Technique

In kindergarten or early school, when first faced with the task of learning how to read, we were probably taught in a sp

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Can Smart Creatives Save Your Business?
/ by Brian Austin

Business life has changed much during the "Internet century" through which we are living. Google, like many successful

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