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Adjacent Paragraph Tips

In other articles, tips and techniques, we've examined various methods that relate to writing style, word choices, seque

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Overcome Almost Every Obstacle

This particular acquired skill is not only highly beneficial to writers, speakers, presenters and website content creato

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How Google Affects Your Website

Rarely does anything stay the same. Sudden and often rapid alterations, modifications, mutations and enhancements are ev

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Website Shape, Sound, And Scent

Did you know that your website smells? Maybe it even stinks! The key point is our websites give off more than we might a

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Getting And Keeping Attention

What is the one thing that almost all writers, communicators or website publishers would love to have? Answer: of course

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How To Sell Anything

By: Author Unknown Don't Sell Me Clothes Sell me neat appearance ... style ... attractiveness. Don't Sell Me Shoe

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The Power of the Bullet

You don't need any ammunition for this simple tip. Imagine that you're writing about a theme or point that has a variety

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Create Goals that Really Work

In the lightest sense, a goal is simply something we want to achieve, yes? A desired outcome. However, often, when we "s

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Conficker Eye Chart Indicator

Conficker is a computer virus variant known as a worm. Conficker is also sometimes referred to by other names including

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Web Business Start-Up Guide 5 of 15

Develop A Keen Interest In The Art Of Selling Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Selling and the subtle arts of p

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Create Effective Advertisements

Advertising in the most appropriate print-based publications can be expensive. That's why, you can save money by carryin

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When Less Really Can Mean More

We humans are full of contradictions aren't we? Sometimes, we don't want to be made to think, or to read, or take some k

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Blog Entries::News Updates From The Island

Can Smart Creatives Save Your Business?
/ by Brian Austin

Business life has changed much during the "Internet century" through which we are living. Google, like many successful

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