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Drains and Radiators Drive Our World

To be successful in highly competitive arenas like writing, publishing, speaking, presenting and website creation, build

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Using Active White Space

Our world is rich in components that we can't easily see, hear, feel, touch and taste, yet which when harnessed or manag

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Web Business Start-Up Guide 1 of 15

Thinking about starting a web business? Here are three absolutely powerful ideas:You're one of a kind. There's no-o

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Effective Communications, Tip 2

In a previous article, I've suggested that most people are secretly asking to be led or guided in some way. Whether you

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Write Online Or Write on Paper

A subscriber once suggested to me, "Surely, a computer screen isn't that different to a piece of paper is it? So why bot

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How to Maintain Your Writing Flow

Writers and communicators like most everyone else, can experience peaks and troughs - especially in creativity. Some day

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Successful Communicator Skills

If you were asked to list what you thought were the top three skills of any "successful" writer or speaker, what would b

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Find Your Writer's Heart

Whether you're seeking to write a book, pen an article, or create compelling content for your website, why not invest a

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Design For Online Viewing

Studies have shown that reading from a PC screen or TV compared to scanning a paper document demands more effort from ou

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Astonishing Prosperity From Two Words

Yes, two simple words describe this tip perfectly. The best sales people do it. News broadcasters and other television p

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Welcome to the Fifth Revolution

What you're about to view makes sober reading! At least five modern revolutions have already started, and the fifth one

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Everyone Has Their Story

Yes, I believe it to be more true today than ever before: there really is an interesting book in almost everyone. Perhap

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