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A Personal Success Blueprint

To get from where we are now to where we want to be is possible with careful and considered planning, focused commitment

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Saying No to the Status Quo

To help publicize the Mac, Apple Inc. created a short 60-second commercial that over time has gained almost legendary st

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When Less Really Can Mean More

We humans are full of contradictions aren't we? Sometimes, we don't want to be made to think, or to read, or take some k

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Web Page Creation Tips 2 of 5

Tip 11 to Tip 20 In Our Series Of Web Page Creation Tips, Techniques, And Short-Cuts To Help You Create Top Performing W

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Create Goals that Really Work

In the lightest sense, a goal is simply something we want to achieve, yes? A desired outcome. However, often, when we "s

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When to use Its or It's

Some words may sound similar yet have entirely different meanings. For example "its" and "it's" come high on the list of

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Writing Science Fiction

Writing science fiction (sci-fi) can be immense fun. Although I've read a great many sci-fi novels, from a writing persp

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Handling Professional Critics

Don't ever become fazed by critics and reviewers - they'll get you eventually for something anyway, no matter how good y

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What's In a Brand?

Many people would love to create their own profitable Internet business. For a variety of reasons, there's never been a

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17 Smart Editing Techniques

A document can be a complex "animal." There can be "a lot going on" in the thought processes that go to form your story,

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Building Business Relationships

What do you think is the single most important "start off" goal for any website? Here's some ideas. Perhaps to:

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Are You a 37-Percenter?

Results of one recent study suggests that 37% of the UK population "felt they had a book in them." I don't mind admittin

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