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The Power Of Word Repetition

Elsewhere in this knowledge archive, we've examined what can become a common pitfall of any writer: word repetition. How

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What Happens When We Don't Check Sources When Writing

How we can bleed pain and how to dodge the missiles brought about by rash decisions. Why we need to slow down to speed u

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Web Business Start-Up Guide 4 of 15

Choose Your Web Business Structure To ensure we know where we are at all times and can track all the aspects of our bus

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Vanity Publishing and the Abyss

Achieving publication today in the traditional book writing arena is now harder than ever. Only a tiny minority of prese

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Creating Memorable Content

Whatever you decide to write, speak or present in order to "enjoy the journey", here are some ideas and guidelines that

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Advertising Or Marketing

Marketing and advertising are two hot topics that smart Web business owners and self-employed writers and authors especi

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How Google Affects Your Website

Rarely does anything stay the same. Sudden and often rapid alterations, modifications, mutations and enhancements are ev

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Web Business Start-Up Guide 1 of 15

Thinking about starting a web business? Here are three absolutely powerful ideas: You're one of a kind. There's no-o

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Writing Science Fiction

Writing science fiction (sci-fi) can be immense fun. Although I've read a great many sci-fi novels, from a writing persp

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When Writing for Business

When we write a document to meet a business objective, we could be forgiven for thinking we should use a different minds

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35 Website Promotion Strategies

If you tie Internet marketing muscle to web-based gimmicks, when the next major search engine update occurs to revalue w

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What is so Important About an ISBN?

In a question and answer format, this article provides the key information about ISBNs for UK-based authors and publishe

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Blog Entries::News Updates From The Island

Can Smart Creatives Save Your Business?
/ by Brian Austin

Business life has changed much during the "Internet century" through which we are living. Google, like many successful

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