Brian Austin

Brian Austin

Parent, married, published author of 15 books, website publisher, SEO magic-maker, ghostwriter, crypto-researcher, storyteller, wonderer, futurist, thinker. Member of the UK Society of Authors (SoA). Disclaimer - not a crypto investor or trader in cryptocurrencies. For research purposes, to continue to learn more about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, tokens, and decentralisation, I use small amounts of tokens for creating, testing, and using smart contracts.

Who Or Whom

A pile of individual different printed word cut-outs

The English language provides an abundant variety of ways in which you can express your thoughts, ideas, concepts, and emotions. However, such a wide choice can often lead to confusion. Some similar sounding words can have subtly different meanings. For example "who" and "whom" are known to confuse. As cultures…

When to use Its or It's

Text with the word Its circled in red ink

Some words may sound similar yet have entirely different meanings. For example "its" and "it's" come high on our list of popular confusing word-pairs. Moreover, include or omit the apostrophe between the "t" and "s" and we completely change the meaning of our sentence. Whether you're writing nonfiction publications or fiction…

Drains and Radiators Drive Our World

Sad face mask next to a happy face mask

To taste some success in the highly competitive arenas such as writing, publishing, speaking, presenting, or website creation, building and maintaining a positive way of looking at life is, I believe, essential to help overcome problems and obstacles that might otherwise hamper our progress. Some activities we do - such as writing…

Write Online Or Write on Paper

Woman sat on sofa types on notebook computer

A subscriber once suggested to me, "Surely, a computer screen isn't that different to a piece of paper is it? So why bother treating them differently? On a PC, we can have black or dark text on a white or light background and we can print out pages, so what's…

Building Business Relationships

Man typing on laptop computer sits at outside table

What do you think is the single most important "star- off" goal for any website? Here's some ideas. Perhaps to: Although I would absolutely agree that all or any of the above can be important if you want to provide a superb website presence, nevertheless, I suggest that there's one…

Making Your Point Quickly

Man in auto-repair shop running to other end of building

Why would you seek to write or "say your piece" quickly? To whom, when, how, why? Some documents demand brevity if they're to meet the goals of their author. Other types of publication fare better when presented using a meandering, journey-like style. So let's examine the implications. In a nutshell:…

Active Voice or Passive Voice?

Seated smiling female presenter communicator

Sentence structure can be active or passive. Key tip: the kind of writing or speaking style you choose to use can have a significant impact on how your readers or listeners understand and respond - or not - to what you're saying. So how do we determine when to use…

Affect or Effect

A pile of individual different printed word cut-outs

Some words can sound similar but have entirely different meanings. For example "affect" and "effect" are known to confuse sometimes. The English language is awash with such seeming contradictions. So how do we deal with these potential trouble spots? The answer is simple: we learn about them and get to…

Using Active White Space

Four dark stones framed by lots of white space

Our world is rich in components that we can't easily see, hear, feel, touch and taste, yet which when harnessed or managed, can make life better. Take electricity for example: we can't see electricity - at least not with the naked eye - nevertheless we know that electric current exists.

How Smart Communicators Prosper

Notebook computer, with tablet device and smartphones

If you want to learn how to communicate better or improve your writing style and quality, here are some activities that if performed often and widely can help provide all the creative juices you need to eventually create your best works. Never forget that one of the most effective ways…

Creating Memorable Content

Who, what, when, where, how, and why words

Yes, we can learn all there is to know - and more - about any topic. Yet how can we know when to shut up? Whatever you decide to write, speak or present in order to "enjoy the journey", here are some ideas and guidelines that can help you create…

What Makes an Effective Ad

Illustration of magnet attracting people figures

What's at the heart of an effective advertisement? All the best copywriters commissioned to write smart adverts that deliver on their promises, know that if they don't get this part right, little else in the advertisement stands much of a chance to make any difference to the end result. In…

The Power of Bulleted Lists

Man writing bullet list on glass screen

When creating a list of points, bullets can help, yet you don't need any ammunition for this simple tip. Imagine that you're writing about a theme or point that has a variety of "angles", alternatives or options. Of course, you can list the various points in conventional paragraphs, however, sometimes…

The Best Way to Communicate?

Abstract keyboard keys spell tips word

Writers and communicators from around the world use a variety of means to get their message across. We can use words, gestures, imagery, videos, sounds, or a mix of any or all of what the human senses have to offer. Caution tip: the same or similar gesture used across different…

Astonishing Prosperity From Two Words

Man peels away grey weather scene to reveal sunny day

Yes, two simple words describe this tip perfectly. The best sales people do it. News broadcasters and other television presenters are also trained to do it.The most inspirational people throughout history have done it. Anyone, who persuades anyone else to do anything outside of their usual routine also does it.