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Today, I want to share with you a wonderfully entertaining YouTube video, that while providing great amusement, clearly demonstrates a stunningly superb example of the 4 key goals of all outrageously successful web businesses, that apply equally to both small and large organizations:

How to:

  • Offer a flavor of uniqueness that attracts.
  • Communicate an idea effectively.
  • Use fun to help win hearts and minds, and ...
  • Perfect the holy grail of doing business online: persuade.

Of course, you can use this technique in business or on your website too. How: the video explains that beautifully.

Here are some words and phrases that I think come to mind when listening to or watching "Typography About Language" from Ronnie Bruce above, and of which I suggest you build into your website presentations:

  • Compelling word flow: the right words and phrases can make or break any presentation.
  • A great idea: and something that is relevant to our time, or interesting, or curious, or life changing.
  • The triple "dance": choreography, considered arrangement, and a kind of modern poetry that seems more relevant to us today.
  • Fluent language: time invested in striving to be a master word-smith is never wasted.
  • Take a calculated risk to stand out positively: you can risk making offense if your delivery is sufficiently entertaining, humorous, and your listener or viewer can be persauded to accept your viewpoint.
  • Fun: with a style of entertainment that demonstrates the engaging power that humor can exert on us.
  • Conviction: we sense that the narrator truly believes what he's discussing and that his idea applies equally to us as well. Web businesses that replicate this approach can create their own brand of conviction.
  • Web video: words, pictures, sounds: the modern way to share your message quickly. Key point: you don't have to use faces of people in a video; sometimes, you can make a great point using only Microsoft Powerpoint type graphics, carefully chosen word-play, and a great background.
  • Effective communication: a succinct, well thought out message combined with great presentation and creative graphic skills all work together to deliver a polished, efficient result.
  • Successful Interruption Marketing (SIM): today, considering and perfecting how to get the attention of your intended audience calls for something remarkable. If you get your sequence wrong, you can alienate your vistors. Instead, focus on creating thought-provoking, entertaining high quality content, delivered with uncommon consideration first and foremost.
  • Respect: once engaged, we can admire the presentation and hold examples such as "Typography About Language" as a benchmark to aim for.
  • Understanding with clarity: in only 2 minutes 46 seconds, we can appreciate the essence of what the narrator is sharing.
  • A short story: that includes suspense, drama, surprise. From the dawn of time, humans have loved stories. Tell your story.
  • Memorable: great presentations, words, phrases, imagery, can have a lasting effect on us. Be memorable.

Perhaps you can find more.


Video "Typography About Language" by Ronnie Bruce, that uses a poem by Taylor Mali. The original video can also be found at

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