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A delightfully vague acronym with a truly powerful meaning that every forward-thinking sales person or persuader needs to know - and intimately understand - in order to be able to create relevant, successful solutions, packages, products, sales presentations and profitable websites. Before I tell you, let me give you some clues:…

What's the Big Secret?

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Usually, we all like to stay in our "comfort zone" don't we? On "familiar ground" may not be 100% "safe"; we may not like our life much but at least we know what to expect, right? And sometimes, what we know, even if painful, it's preferable to "breaking out into…

A Contrarian, Profitable Web Business

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Much of what you'll read in this article goes against current popular thinking. A growing number of online affiliate-based businesses depend on third parties for income such as affiliations, Google AdSense, and so on. Yet if you're largely reliant on one or two sources for most of your income, sudden…